OSINT topic queries are now able to populate results from corporate public Facebook pages.    

What this means for Ontic Platform users 

For clients using Ontic’s Social Media Listening offering, this update will provide users the ability to view public Facebook pages for OSINT topics will allow for greater visibility and awareness of shared news and relevant topics to your company.


With this update, newly created topic queries will automatically populate results from public Facebook business pages that match your keywords. Existing OSINT topics will need to be refreshed manually. If you have a larger quantity of existing topics you can request a bulk update with your Success Manager. 

Existing topics

Perform the following steps to refresh any existing and active topics to begin populating public Facebook results. 

Navigate to: Manage > Topics 

Go to your OSINT topics dashboard

For active topics: 

  • Go to individual OSINT topic, select vertical 3-dot menu  

  • Select Edit  

  • Re-save by clicking Save as Active 

Paused topics

If a topic is paused, once it is un-paused query results for public corporate Facebook posts will be activated. 

Additional information 

Question: Will I only see posts that are from the time I create a new topic or refresh an existing one? 

Answer:  You will see the last 30 days worth of Facebook Public Posts from the time you create a new topic or refresh an existing.

Question: Are Facebook Public posts turned on by default?
Answer:  For newly created OSINT Topics Facebook Public posts are on by default as are all sources.  For existing OSINT Topics, the topic will need to be resaved or updated.

Question: Is there a way to exclude Facebook Public posts in my OSINT topics?

Answer:  Yes, in your Feeds filter settings, you can choose which OSINT sources you want to view from your query results. 

Question: Will Facebook Public posts count against my signal count volume per month?

Answer:  Yes, each signal will count just as others would; however, based on current OSINT Topics created we do not anticipate that there will be a significant increase in signals.  We do not anticipate  that any clients will be adversely impacted by the additional content that could come in.   

If you have any concerns, please reach out to your success manager.