What it is: Intake forms are custom forms that allow Users to customize ingesting data into Ontic that would normally be hosted on an external form system. Through intake forms, you can customize and expose a template with a unique URL, share the form, and then store responses in Ontic. 

From there, you can leverage the power of the Ontic platform to assign tasks, create a custom workflow and then launch custom reports to show the results. 

Building the Form

  1. To access Intake Forms, go to the 9–dot menu → Administration → Intake Forms:

  1. Click on ‘Create Form’ to launch the form builder, then add a title, description, or even a custom logo to be displayed on the header of the form. 

  1. Click on ‘+ Section’ to begin building the body of the Intake Form. 

    1. Once you create a section, give it a title and a description which will be displayed to the person filling out the form to describe its purpose.

  1. Once you have created a section, you have three options to consider. You can create a question, sub-section, or create another section of the form altogether. 

Questions: Enter the questions that should be captured from the form and these will all be ingested and stored within Ontic each time the form is submitted. 

When creating a question, consider the following criteria for responses:

  • Required - activate the checkbox in the lower right corner if this question will be required to submit the form.

  • Answer type - select the best suitable option to optimize the consistency of the data. For example, when asking a question regarding date, use the Date answer type. This will avoid getting responses in an inconsistent form, such as utilizing a Short Answer type field where individuals completing the form could enter differing answers for the same thing (ie.  April 15, 2023, or April 15, or 4/15/23). The following input options are available for Questions:

Click the 3-dot menu in the bottom right corner of a question to launch a sub-menu where you can add further customizations to the questions: 

  • Show Description: add a more detailed description to a question to provide further context

  • Show Tooltip: adding a tooltip will allow you to hover over the question and see tip/comment

  • Add Remark: a Remark is a way for you to add additional context to the question in a free text format, when the question itself is in a different format. For example, if you input a date, you can add in the remark “This date is only a best guess.”

Sharing Intake Forms

What is it: All Intake Forms can be customized with individual sharing options. This gives you the flexibility to:

  • Share a publicly available link

  • Share with specific Ontic Users that need access

  • Restrict to an email domain (just within your organization)

  • Limit access by IP address for added security

*Note: If you make any edits to an Intake form, you must 'Share' the form again for those changes to be reflected on the live link.