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Winter 2021


Monetary Value Type Custom Fields

New Feature

Smart Web Clipper


[Minor] Release Date: December 18, 2021 

Monetary Value Type Custom Fields New Feature

What it is: The ability to create formulas to calculate the monetary impact of Investigations in Ontic.

Why it matters: Investigators and security professionals work every day to protect their principals and prevent risk to their business. Much of this work can go unseen and it is not often understood how it impacts the business. With the new “Monetary Value” custom fields, you can now associate a dollar value with the work you are doing in investigations and automatically calculate the total cost of any investigation. This will enable you to clearly articulate how your work impacts the business and track the financial impact of your investigations.

How it works: 

Create Custom Fields for Monetary Value

From the nine box menu, click on Administration, then go to Fields. Select the Investigation option along the top menu and choose Custom Fields. From here, you can create your own custom field for monetary value. Click on “Add Field” to begin building your custom field.

Once you are on the Create Field in Investigation screen, add a label and description (description is optional) for your field. Then set the Input Type as “Short Answer” and the Value Type as “Number” and save the custom field.

Create a Monetary Value Calculation

To create a field that will automatically calculate the cost of an investigation (or any other calculation), add another field using the same steps as above, and then check the “Add Mathematical Calculation” checkbox. This will add a “Define Mathematical Expression” field to the page.

To see the Expression Builder Tips, hover over the “i” next to “Define Mathematical Expression.”

To build your formula, enter any fields you want to use as variables in the equation by typing $ and then the field name. Continue entering variables and allowed operators (see Expression Builder Tips to see which operators are supported). Then save the field. You will now be able to use this field in your Investigation Layouts. (Example formula: $Total Lost ($) - $Total Recovered)

Displaying Custom Fields in the Investigation

To add a “Financial Impact” section to your Investigation Layout, click on Administration from the nine box menu, then go to Layouts. Select the Investigation Layouts option along the top menu.

From here, you can either choose to edit an existing layout or create a new layout. To edit an existing layout, click the 3 dots on the far right of the investigation name and select Edit. 

Select Overview Layout from the top menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add New Section. Name the section and click Save.

Click Add Row. Then click Add Field and choose Custom.

Add any fields needed for this section and save the layout. You will now see this section in your Investigations!

Using Monetary Value Fields in Investigations

To set values for the fields you created in Investigations, navigate to your Existing Investigations Dashboard and choose an investigation. Scroll to the section you created. 

Click the Edit icon and input the value for each of the fields that doesn’t have a suggested value (only fields with an associated mathematical calculation will have a suggested value).

To use the suggested value, click the Edit icon and click the checkbox next to “Use Suggested value.” If you don’t want to use the suggested value, input your own value in that field.

Smart Web Clipper Enhancement

What it is: New fixes have been added to the Smart Web Clipper.

Why it matters: Social handles added from the Smart Web Clipper include only the unique portion of the social handle name and will no longer create unnecessary connections between entities in Ontic.

How to use: To use the new updates, uninstall the Smart Web Clipper extension in Chrome and reinstall the newest version (V.1.0.12).