Converting Google Alerts into RSS Feeds

From your Google Alerts

Click the pencil Edit icon

Under Deliver to change the option to RSS Feed and click Update alert

After an alert has been converted into an RSS feed link, you’ll see an RSS icon next to it. Right-click the icon and select Copy Link Address to copy the RSS feed URL. 

From your Ontic account

Create Feed 

In Administration, select RSS Feed Topics and click Add RSS Feed Topic

You will have to give the topic a Name and can apply a description. 

Paste the Feed URL you copied from Google Alerts. Apply a Category, which will allow you to combine feeds into intelligence feeds. 


Add RSS Feed in Intelligence Feeds

In your Intelligence Dashboard, click the vertical ellipsis in the top right corner. Click + Add New Feed; select RSS Feed. Select whether you would like to populate the feed with a single RSS feed source, a specific URL, or an RSS feed Category. 


Selecting Category will populate the feed with all of the created RSS topics that have that category applied