Release Notes: Here's What's New in Your Ontic Platform

Release Date: January 6th, 2020



Threat Assessment Forms, Workflows, & Flowcharts - New Feature *Beta*

Please contact your Ontic team for more information about this feature


What it is: A digitization of proprietary threat assessment forms and workflows to help facilitate a standard and repeatable assessment processes within the Ontic platform.


Why it matters: Today’s physical form-based behavioral threat assessment processes are antiquated and disconnected. Most forms are still paper-based and rely on physical filing or use technology that is siloed with inflexible workflows making it difficult for assessment teams to collaborate or have share visibility to behavioral risk. Our approach delivers the ability to a) build your own threat assessment forms which will be stored in the assessment library b) enable an administrator to design proprietary workflows (or leverage industry-standard rubrics) for users to follow and c) deploy a rules-based, intelligent workflow solution that tracks process status and facilitates team collaboration and d) integrates across the full protective intelligence investigative journey. 


How it works:  


Build your own assessment flowchart and workflow:


  1. From the 9-box navigation under Administration, select ‘Assessments’
  2. Here you can build a new assessment flowchart by clicking on ‘Create Assessment’ or you edit or activate an existing assessment if any have been created previously
  3. Once you have selected ‘Assessments’ and after you have named your assessment you can begin the creation of your assessment flowchart by clicking the blue ‘+’ symbol which prompts you to add a ‘form’, build a rule condition to automatically change a field for an entity through ‘Entity Update’, or use the ‘Condition’ option to set a specific rule to an individual question inside of a form. These forms are the same forms housed in the ‘Form Library’ that is available in the Administration section of the Ontic platform
  4. The flowchart builder will guide you step by step through the process by prompting to select the next fields or options that map your desired workflow processes




Complete a threat assessment for an entity:


  1. On an entity page, select the ‘Assessment’ tab to begin the process
  2. In the left column on the next screen, you will find the assessment(s) that are available to work from. Clicking on one of these assessments will expose any history of activity related to this assessment and its status. Those assessments are viewable by clicking on the field in the status column. Each assessment (which contain the forms instructed by the flowchart) can be previewed, edited, or downloaded  
  3. To begin a new assessment, click on the ‘+ Assessment’ button in the upper-right section of the screen. This new page will display the form to be completed on the right and the assessment preview on the left (including an audit history of form activity). Action buttons such as ‘Next’ or ‘Skip’ are visibility in the upper-right section of the screen
  4. The forms are completed sequentially in accordance to the flowchart and workflow rules previously established



LPR Vehicle Location Intelligence - New Feature *Beta*

Please contact your Ontic team for more information about this feature


What it is: The ability to receive new and historical known vehicle sightings nationally based on license plate scans stored in the Ontic platform.


Why it matters: Location, location, location. In many cases it is difficult to know where your person of concern is or has traveled across the United States. Are they close to your Principal or are they thousands of miles away? This new intelligence feed provides you with information on where vehicles associated with your POI have been sighted (both new discoveries and historical scans).


How it works: Ontic has partnered with a data provider who has established a national mobile camera network to scan and identify license plates that have been stored within our platform and registered with their system. These vehicle sightings are returned as Location Intelligence feeds and are displayed within the Intelligence Feeds dashboard accessible from the 9-box menu of the Ontic platform.  


TLO Integration - New Feature *Beta*

Please contact your Ontic team for more information about this feature


What it is: The ability to perform basic and popular TLO searches from

within the Ontic platform.


Why it matters: It minimizes the ‘swivel chair effect’ of having to log in to a separate investigative tool on another screen when conducting searches. Those key searches can now be performed within Ontic with the ability to add resulting data and attributes to the entity profile directly.


How it works: To leverage the TLO integration within Ontic, an existing business relationship and active account with TLO must be present. There are two ways to access TLO Searches from the Ontic platform. From the home page 9-box navigation under Intelligence Research click on “TLO”. Alternatively, from an Entity profile page you can click on the “Research” tab and begin a new TLO Search on that entity. There are two types of searches you can initiate with our TLO integration: Person and Vehicle.


Once the search criteria are entered, you must enter your TLO credentials (TLO Username and TLO password) and answer a few questions prior to every search including: GLBA Permitted Use, Deposit/Brokerage Account Use, DPPA Permissible Use, and TLO’s Terms and Conditions.














The TLO search results will display query criteria, and discovered profiles including match percentage rates and profile summary information. By clicking on “View Details” you can view the sub-attribute sections and attribute source information as available. Clicking on the individual checkboxes from within an entity enables you to apply those attributes to the profile itself.



User Groups - New Feature 


What it is:  A new administration function to associate users of the Ontic platform to named groups (aka. distribution lists)


Why it matters:  This new foundational capability will help administrators a) define specific teams b) enable dashboard sharing functionality and c) allow for group-specific notification and alerting.


How it works:  From the 9-box navigation under Administration, select ‘Users & User Groups’. From here, select the ‘Under Groups’ tab that will toggle blue. You can create a new group by selecting ‘Add User Group’ found in the upper right section of the screen. Once there you can name the group and select from a list of users who have access to the Ontic platform. These groups can be edited, deleted, or activated/deactivated by the administrator. As we enable more sharing functionality in the Ontic platform, these groups will be made available as the audience to target.






Share Intelligence Feeds Dashboards - New Feature


What it is:  The ability to share the column-based Intelligence Feeds dashboards to other user groups within the Ontic platform


Why it matters:  An administrator or analyst may want all members of a defined team to have a common view of intelligence feeds within the Ontic platform. This helps everyone in a defined group to see the same curated feeds that were carefully crafted by an analyst for a set of users to leverage rather than re-creating their own dashboard views.


How it works:  From the 9-box navigation under Dashboard, select ‘Intelligence Feeds’. In the upper left section of the screen near the name of the dashboard, hover your mouse near the name of that dashboard you will see three icons (a pencil, a greater than sign, and a trash can). Select the ‘greater than’ sign in the middle and add the ‘user groups’ and individual users you wish to share this intelligence feeds dashboard with. 





Entity Grid View: Save Filters & Share Dashboard - New Feature


What it is:  The ability to create and name a saved filtered view of your entity dashboard and share that dynamic filtered view with other user groups in the Ontic platform. 


Why it matters:  An analyst may wish to share a specific filtered view of entities with other team members or toggle between different saved filtered entity dashboard views. This will save time in the recreation of new dashboard views on behalf of the analysts or their teammates. 


How it works:  From the 9-box navigation, click on 'Entities’. Click on the hamburger 3 line menu option in the upper left part of the Entities screen and select ‘+ Add New Dashboard’. Once on this new screen, you can name your new dashboard and select the filters you wish to create and save. These filters will persist each time this named dashboard is selected or shared. 


To share this new filtered dashboard, select that dashboard name after clicking on the hamburger 3 line menu option in the upper left part of the Entities screen. Once in this new dashboard grid view, hover your mouse near the name of that dashboard you will see three icons (a pencil, a greater than sign, and a trash can). Select the greater than sign in the middle and select the ‘user groups’ and individual users you wish to share this filtered dashboard with. Note: Permission settings allow you to determine if the user groups or individual users can ‘view’, ‘edit’, or ‘share’ these dashboards. 



Account Lockout after 10 Failed Attempts - New Functionality


What it is:  An enforced account lockout when an account exceeds more than 10 consecutive incorrect password attempts.


Why it matters: Access security to the Ontic platform from unauthorized users.


How it works:  More than 10 consecutive attempts with an incorrect password will lock the account out from further login attempts.  If the lockout is triggered, please contact



New Image Uploader - Enhancement


What it is:  The ability to add and associate a date to photos associated with the entity and add/identity photo used as avatar image.


Custom Field Filters - Enhancement


What it is:  The ability to filter your entity dashboard view by any of the custom fields that you have created in association to your entities.



Custom Field Support in Entity Import - Enhancement


What it is:  The ability to include custom fields you have associated with your entities / POIs that you would like imported into the Ontic platform.



Search Entity Dashboard by “No Tags” - Enhancement


What it is:  The ability to search the entity dashboard by “No Tags”. This can be done using the ‘Include/Exclude’ filter and toggling tags option to none.



Selecting Attributes when Creating an Entity from Identity Research - Enhancement


What it is:  The ability to select unique attributes when creating an entity during Identity Research (rather than always defaulting to all attributes).



Auto Refresh Feeds - Enhancement


What it is:  Intelligence feeds will auto-refresh every 5 mins and will display a count bar for new incoming content.