Ontic November Release: Here's What's New in Your Ontic Platform

Release Date: November 22nd, 2019

Entity Profile Redesign

Enabled by default

What it is:  A new layout of the Entity profile overview screen in the Ontic platform. 

Why it matters:  The new design improves the experience of adding, editing, and consuming information about an Entity.  

How it works:  Once you select an entity within Ontic you will be defaulted to the Details tab. In the left column you will find key updates and actions you can take. 

  • BOLO: you can mark an entity on Lookout or Generate a BOLO Report.

  • ADD: enables you to add Signals, Notes, Vehicles, Addresses, Social Profiles, or Public Records. 

  • Associated Principals (new feature): hovering on this section will expose blue pencil icon that once clicked will allow you associate Principal(s) to this entity as long as a Principal was created in the Ontic platform from within the Administration section found in the 9-box navigation. 

  • Tags (new feature): hovering on this section will expose blue pencil icon that once clicked will allow you to associate Tag(s) to this entity from a list of Tags that were created under the Configuration section of the Administration navigation.  

  • Intelligence Status: displays the intelligence services that have been enabled. If Premium Intelligence has been enabled and initiated (contact your Ontic team for more information), the clickable case number will be displayed.



The center column contains all of the detail information about the entity including Basic, Security, Identifiers, Photos, Addresses, Vehicle, Social Profile, Education, and Employment. In these sections you can edit or add information in the desired fields. Some of the fields can be directly hovered over and support direct editing.

The 3rd column displays “Recent Updates” that provide a running list of actions associated with the entity. 

Identity Intelligence Redesign

Enabled by default

What it is:  A new layout and interaction model for Identity Intelligence

Why it matters:  A simpler and cleaner interface to conduct an Identity search and view results within the Ontic platform. 

How it works:  There are two ways to access Identity Intelligence from the Ontic platform. From the Home Page 9-box navigation under Intelligence Research click on “Identity Intelligence”. Alternatively, from an Entity profile page you can click on the “Research” tab and begin a new Identity Search. Clicking on “Advanced Search” will expose additional fields that can be used to narrow the search results. 

The search results will display query criteria, and discovered profiles including match percentage rates and profile summary information. By clicking on “View Details” you can view the sub attribute sections and attribute source information as available. Clicking on the individual checkboxes from within an entity enable you to apply those attributes to the profile itself.

Principal Association with Signals and Feeds – New Feature

Enabled by default

What it is:  The ability to associate a Principal to any signal or feed within the Ontic platform. 

Why it matters:  Enables you to focus on the information that is most closely tied to the Principal(s) you protect. This association allows you to filter views of information and threat risks that are associated with your Principal quickly and efficiently.

Custom Fields New Feature

Enabled by default

What it is: The ability to assign addition custom fields to an entity within the Ontic platform.

Why it matters:  A user can define additional fields to an entity profile that provides a more customized and flexible view of that entity beyond the standard fields available in Ontic. These fields can be defined with explicit options and made available in specific location on the profile page to match how you would like to view these entities inside of your business.

How it works: In the Administration column of the Ontic 9-box menu, select Custom Field. Here you can add a Custom Field where you can: a) define a Label and a Description, b) build the Input Type and options that will define how the field will be displayed and which section of the entity profile to display these additional field(s).

From within an entity page you can edit each Custom Field to enter in the requested information which will be displayed and stored with that entity.

Custom Tags New Feature

Enabled by default

What it is: The ability to assign custom tags (labels) to any major object in the Ontic platform. 

Why it matters:  It provides the ability for users to attribute an entity or data object within Ontic to how you view your business or catalog content to help group, filter, or search for information across the platform.   

How it works: In the Administration column of the Ontic menu, select Configuration. You will see tab option titled Entity, Label, and Tags. Click on Tags. Hovering over the right corner of the box will expose the “Add Tag” button where you can name you Tag and choose the corresponding color. 

These Tags can be associated to your entity in the entity details page …

… or used as a filter in the entity filter selector as shown below.