Release Notes: Here's What's New in Your Ontic Platform

Release Date: Week of September 19, 2019

Location Intelligence (License Plate Notifications)

What it is:  This is a new solution that allows you to receive alerts for vehicle sightings nationally, regarding the POIs that you have license plate data for (VIN + license plate).  To request access to Location Intelligence, please contact your Ontic team.

Why it matters:  Location, location, location. The ability to determine the location of a POI’s vehicle via an LPR sighting (across the country) is incredibly valuable for threat intelligence and assessment of risk – based on proximity to a Principal. 

How it works:  Once you sign up for a location intelligence subscription, Ontic will begin to leverage license plate data associated with your POIs and continuously monitor a national network of mobile LPR cameras for sightings. When one of these cameras captures the POI’s vehicle, that data (license plate, image of the vehicle, and physical location of the sighting) will be visible in Ontic, and a notification will trigger for your review.

Public Records Updates (Risk Intelligence)

What it is:  An improved layout of public record details and status categorization located within an entity’s profile page under the Risk Intelligence tab.  

Why it matters:  Improved categorization of criminal, civil, and other risk signals will help provide contextual insights on an entity’s public record history. To reduce noise, these signals have also been grouped by approved, pending, and archived records to highlight actions to be taken (such as adding records to an entity’s profile). Additionally, this will allow expedited identification of pre-incident indicators relating to POI behavior. 

How it works:  The design change groups records by criminal, civil, or other records. These can be selected by clicking on the appropriate tab. In the left column, you can view approved records that are part of the entity’s risk intelligence profile as public record entries. 

Next, by clicking on pending intelligence you can see records that require an action to “Add” or “Reject” each record to the far right  displayed when the middle column record is highlighted in blue. Each record must be actioned for the main record to be stored and officially associated with that entity. Finally, approved records can be archived by selecting the black folder at the end of the approved record row, for those that you wish to store but no longer view in the profile.

Public Records Updates (Risk Intelligence) - Continued

Intelligence Feeds Enhancements

What it is:  A series of user experience and action improvements on Intelligence Feeds.  

Why it matters:  These enhancements make the feeds easier to use, read, organize, and take action on. 

How it works:  

  1. Expandable feed column views: by clicking on the three dots located in the upper right of any feed column, you can change the width of that column from small to medium or large.


  1. Reordering feed columns: by hovering on the upper left of any feed column and then clicking on the six small dots, you can drag the entire column laterally to the left or right. This allows you to reorder the columns based on any sequence you prefer.

Intelligence Feeds Enhancements - Continued

  1. Signal-level marking and filtering of “critical” content in timeline view:  In the Signal Timeline view, you can now individually select content to be designated as critical. Since this view has a long vertical scroll, there is a lot of content to view. By individually designating critical content, you can mark a green flag (next to the blue signal icon) and filter only “critical” content to be viewed.

  1. Pending facial intelligence feeds enhancement:  In the pending intelligence signal dashboard (located as a dashboard within intelligence feeds), you will see a new design and action buttons to (a) select “accept & merge” a facial match where you can compare the scanned image and merge into that entity’s profile (b) select “not a match” and (c) select “invalid image” to help teach the system to ignore in the future.

Intelligence Feeds Enhancements - Continued

  1. Actions on pending intelligence signal feeds:  Now you can take action on pending intelligence signal feeds (located as a dashboard within intelligence feeds). These are the signals that need your attention and action. They are broken down into four categories:

  • Risk Intelligence signals will request you select “analyze” to review each record

  • Facial intelligence will request you click “accept & merge”, “not a match”, or “invalid image” on newly scanned images

  • Location intelligence will request you to click “accept” or “reject”

  • Identity intelligence will request you to click “analyze”


Configurable Idle Timeout

What it is:  The ability of an administrator to set when a user’s session will timeout when no keystroke activity is detected for a given period. 

Why it matters:  Previously, user sessions were timing out too quickly and forcing the user to log back in. Now, this is a configurable setting that provides more flexibility while supporting security requirements.

How it works:  From the Administration section of the Ontic platform, an admin selects “Workspace” and then by selecting the “idle time out (hr)” dropdown, a specific duration can be selected. For example, if an administrator selects 3 hours, this means that after 2hrs and 59mins if no activity is detected, the user will be logged out of the Ontic platform automatically. If a keystroke is detected at 2 hrs and 59mins, then the system idle timer will restart for another 3hr period.